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Rock mineral wool
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Automotive producers are constantly looking for ways to improve comfort and safety in vehicles. Knauf Insulation mineral wool products are optimised solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation in automotive industry applications as well as friction component in the production of brake pads. They prevent heat and sound transfer in the vehicle and improve braking performance.

Our main focus ranges from personal vehicles (cars) to light and heavy commercial vehicles (vans, buses, trucks).

Our products are available as:

  • Uncured mineral wool, loosely bonded with thermosetting binder system. They are designed to be further processed, usually by compression moulding and then thermally cured into a desired shape and density.
  • Pure mineral fibres, used as an additive to improve breaking performance.

We provide solutions for:

  • Vehicle insulation elements
  • Exhaust systems 
  • Brake pads production
Knauf Insulation products are designed to meet specific requirements of industrial production processes, making  them more efficient, environmental friendly and economical.


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