Automotive insulation

  • AUT Pressed Parts (AUT PP)

    AUT Pressed Parts (AUT PP)

    are products for thermal and acoustic insulation in the automotive industry. These are “in-process” materials, which are shipped in a wet and uncured state. They are designed to be further processed, usually by compression moulding and then thermally cured into the desired shape and density.

  • AUT Fibers (AUT F)

    AUT Fibers (AUT F)

    are rock mineral wool fibres used for insulation in components used in the automotive industry and as a friction component in the production of brake pads, where stability at high temperatures is required.

  • AUT Pure Fibers (AUT PF)

    AUT Pure Fibers (AUT PF)

    AUT PF are high quality, shot-free rock mineral wool fibres. Knauf Insulation special manufacturing process enables the production of rock mineral wool fibres with controlled composition, fibre diameter and fibre length, which are designed to meet the customers’ requirements.