Brochures and Catalogues

  • Automotive Insulation

    Automotive Insulation

    • November 2013

    Knauf Insulation mineral wool products are optimised solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation in the automotive industry as well as friction component in the production of brake pads.

  • Chimney Insulation

    Chimney Insulation

    • November 2013

    Thermal insulation installed around chimneys prevents condensation of water vapour inside the chimney tube and provides optimum draft of fumes. This ensures optimal functioning of chimney systems and efficient use of energy.

  • Domestic Appliances Insulation

    Domestic Appliances Insulation

    • November 2013

    Rock & glass mineral wool insulation products can be used for insulating all types of ovens. Knauf Insulation products contribute to higher appliance efficiency, to sustainable environment and to health protection.

  • Door Insulation

    Door Insulation

    • November 2013

    With modifications in our production process we are able to supply a full range of products for all classes of fire protection doors (European Class EI30 - EI120). In addition, doors with rock mineral wool core have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.

  • Insulation in Machine production

    Insulation in Machine production

    • November 2013

    A wide range of industrial appliances contain mineral wool insulation produced by Knauf Insulation, which is used to increase their performance (thermal insulation / fire protection) and to reduce their impact on both operators and the environment (sound and heat protection).

  • Prefabricated Building Elements Insulation

    Prefabricated Building Elements Insulation

    • November 2013

    Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool is widely used as the core of sandwich panels owing to its excellent fire resistance, non-combustibility, thermal and sound insulation properties. Due to advanced mechanical properties, our products are cost effective solutions for even the most demanding constructions.

  • Road Sound Barriers Insulation

    Road Sound Barriers Insulation

    • November 2013

    Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool insulation forms an integral part of the road sound barrier. With its outstanding properties, especially with superb acoustic performance, it absorbs noise and provides noise insulation to protect people and the environment.

  • DRS Fire Board 2D & 3D

    DRS Fire Board 2D & 3D

    • November 2013

    Insulation cores for fire doors with innovative density distribution for supreme fire-resistance performance in the most critical areas.

  • DRS Functional Fire Board

    DRS Functional Fire Board

    • November 2013

    Insulation cores for functional fire doors with best combination of sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire protection (on a single / double layer core) on the market.

  • TSP Solar Board BLK

    TSP Solar Board BLK

    • November 2013

    Rock mineral wool board which is completely dyed with an inorganic black dyestuff. The dyestuff has been developed especially for this purpose and shows long-term temperature and UV resistance.



    • English
    • November 2013

    Innovative chimney insulation product - CHM S FLOCKS - are supreme granulated rock mineral wool fibres, specially designed to provide excellent thermal and fire insulation of double-wall stainless steel chimney systems.

  • DRS Sound Supreme Board

    DRS Sound Supreme Board

    • March 2014

    DRS Sound Supreme Board is a high-performance insulation core for wooden door systems, made of rock mineral wool and other ecologically oriented materials, enabling superb sound absorption, in combination with excellent fire resistance and thermal insulation. Download video