HTC Board (HTC B)

HTC Board (HTC B)

 is rock mineral wool board with low binder content in various densities. Our customers are converting HTC Boards into a wide selection of products.

Rock mineral wool boards for cultivation of flowers and vegetables in greenhouses.

Material density according to root distribution specific to each plant
High water absorption of the material ensures good water management.
Available with regular bidner or our new ECOSE® Technology - formaldehyde-free binder technology.

Technical characteristics:
Density: 50 kg/m³ - 80 kg/m³ 
Dimensions: standard dimension 1200x595 mm, other dimensions on request
Thickness: 50 - 200 mm  



The horticulture industry is constantly looking for new efficient growth mediums for vegetable and flower cultivation in controlled environments. Numerous big greenhouses use Hydroponic systems for growing plants by using nutrient solutions in substrates other than natural soil.