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DAP Oven Insulation

Producers of kitchen ovens are constantly looking for insulation materials that will increase energy efficiency, prevent transfer of heat from the oven to kitchen furniture and fulfil the highest demands of indoor air quality.

Knauf Insulation has a proven track record in the domestic appliances segment as a top insulation supplier to leading producers on the market. Rock & glass mineral wool insulation products made by Knauf Insulation can be used for insulating all types of ovens. Knauf Insulation products contribute to higher appliance efficiency, to sustainable environment and to health protection.

Depending on the type of product we provide total customized solutions for:

  • Professional household appliances and night storage heaters
  • Self-cleaning or pyrolitic ovens, where temperatures can exceed 750°C
  • A Energy Label Class ovens

We deliver high quality products, excellent service and collaborate closely with our partners on their development projects.


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