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Rock mineral wool

Knauf Insulation is a leading European supplier of rock mineral wool core to the producers of metal fire protection doors. Doors with rock mineral wool insulation offer improved fire protection performance. Rock mineral wool has a high melting temperature (above 1000°C), is non-combustible (Class A1) and is lighter than other materials with comparable fire and mechanical properties. In addition, doors with rock mineral wool core have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.

With modifications in our production process we are able to supply a full range of products for all classes of fire protection doors (European Class EI30 - EI120).

We provide solutions for:

  • Fire protection doors
  • Functional doors
  • Multipurpose doors (thermal & acoustic)

On request, the boards may be further processed (ensuring minimum dimensional deviations, surface flatness, cut-out specific shapes).

We build partnership through high quality products, excellent service and permanent support to your development projects.

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Functional Fire Board

DRS Fire Board 2D & 3D

DRS Sound Supreme Board


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