Our Team
Miha Keše

Miha Kreše is Business Director for Dispersed OEM and Doors. He is an economist with 16 years on the job. In the OEM team, they say he is a loud speaker and, if anything, that speaks for his confidence in what he does and believes in. As a youngster, he wanted to become Superman. In a way he did. He leads a super team of super people changing our world for the better.

miha kese
nejc jan
Our Team
Nejc Jan

Nejc Jan is a Key Account Manager at OEM. He studied wood technology and worked for several years in sales in the wood industry. He loves working with wood and he brought a lot of this “handiness” to the team. He gets things done, so we can safely say that Nejc is the action man of the OEM team.

Our Team
Majda Albreht

Majda Albreht is a Key Account Manager OEM with an amazing 28 years of experience in the insulation business (including 11 years at OEM). She is always positive and the future of our business remains her focus. Majda is an economist and mother, … and with her vast experience, she is a superhero of our OEM team.

majda albreht
anze vrbinc
Our Team
Anže Vrbinc

Anže Vrbinc is Segment Manager for Dispersed OEM and DRS and a passionate athlete. He grew up not far from our Škofja Loka plant in Slovenia and joined the team as a trainee after graduating in Business Informatics and Marketing. He has been with Knauf Insulation for five years. Anže actually wanted to become an astronaut when he was a child; today, his colleagues say they would be lost in space without him.

Our Team
David Börjesson

David Börjesson is Area Sales Manager for the Nordics – Systems Division. He is an economist from Malmö in Sweden who is introducing TS and OEM solutions to the Nordic markets and he says that the best thing about it is that he gets to meet so many interesting people on the way.

Our Team
Agustin Perez

Agustin Perez from Barcelona is Key Account Manager Iberia and Latin America and his dedication to the insulation business is unmatched. He has been a much valued member of our OEM team for 8 years, but he has dedicated his entire career to working in the insulation sector, where he trained in both technical and commercial areas. He knows the insulation field like footballers know theirs, so it’s safe to say he is our goal-getter.