Team OEM Rising star

Anže Vrbinc is Segment Manager for Dispersed OEM and DRS and a passionate athlete. He grew up not far from our Škofja Loka plant in Slovenia and joined the team as a trainee after graduating in Business Informatics and Marketing. He has been with Knauf Insulation for five years. Anže actually wanted to become an astronaut when he was a child; today, his colleagues say they would be lost in space without him.

What do you love the most about insulation?

That insulation can be used for numerous different purposes and that we are always find new benefits that derive from it.

How did your story at Knauf Insulation begin?

Knauf Insulation is an important employer and has a rich history in Škofja Loka (Termo, Termika). Several friends of my friends work for Knauf Insulation too. My relationship with Knauf Insulation began in 2015 when I joined the OEM team as a Key Account Trainee and the team’s great relationship and atmosphere immediately had me hooked.

How do you see the future of the insulation industry?

The insulation industry will grow more connected with acoustic insulation and fire protection. At the same time, it will become even more responsible in sense of sustainability and care for the environment. There are still plenty of opportunities to show the benefits of our insulation in various OEM applications and systems.

What did the COVID-19 lockdown bring for you?

During the lockdown, I learned the benefits and challenges of working from home. At first, I had to focus more on time management and new ways of communication. But I also found time to research all the stuff that interested me which I never had time to investigate before.

Which sports do you follow?

I love handball the most and football follows close behind. I also love winter sports and follow alpine skiing and ski jumping. And then I also follow basketball and American football.
My favourite club is FC Barcelona. Visca Barça! :) I also support all Slovenian athletes on the international level.




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