Team OEM Action Man

Nejc Jan is a Key Account Manager at OEM. He studied wood technology and worked for several years in sales in the wood industry. He loves working with wood and he brought a lot of this “handiness” to the team. He gets things done, so we can safely say that Nejc is the action man of the OEM team.

What do you love the most about insulation?

Personally, what impresses me most is the diversity of products and segments in which we can use our mineral wool.

How did your story at Knauf Insulation begin?

I saw a vacancy  for the position of Key Account Manager advertised on the Internet in January 2019. After three rounds of interviews, I got the position in the most amazing team.

How do you see the future of the insulation industry?

I think the insulation industry has significant potential in the building trade; the share of rock mineral wool, in particular, can increase a lot due to new fire regulations. We'll see a degree of price pressure in the near future.

What did the COVID-19 lockdown bring for you?

During the lockdown, I spent more time with my family, discovered some new places in our municipality and spent more time on outdoor activities.

Which sports do you follow?

My favourite sport is basketball and I used to play it. I support two clubs, Olimpija and Barcelona.

Who is your hero?

My hero is my father, who inspired me to work in sales.




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