Building better regulation

Building better regulation

Knauf Insulation has always campaigned to improve energy efficiency policies for buildings. Why? Because regulation drives positive change.

Rising energy efficiency

King Hammurabi didn’t have time for dangerous buildings, so he wrote the first building code. And it got to the point quickly.

“If a builder has built a house for a man and his work is not strong, and that house falls and kills the householder, that builder shall be slain.”

Harsh but fair? Perhaps. But this was Babylon in 1758 BC. And such a Directive would have certainly ‘incentivised’ the industry to seriously consider best practice, real performance, safeguarding customers and making life better for everyone who uses buildings.

Almost 4,000 years later, incentivising building improvement through new policies is more important than ever. That is why at Knauf Insulation we campaign to upgrade and improve building laws at every level across the world — although with a more liberal approach than King Hammurabi.

“Our focus has always been on driving regulation that improves the energy efficiency of buildings because — simply — this makes everything better, for everyone,” says Siân Hughes, our Director of External A£airs.

“Naturally, regulation also inspires and drives change. If tackling issues of energy efficiency were left to the market, well, not enough would be done, at least at the rate needed. Regulation puts a rocket behind the concept.”


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