Campaigning for change

Campaigning for change

From the United States and the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, Knauf Insulation campaigns to keep energy-efficiency at the heart of public debate in every country where it operates.

At Knauf Insulation we do not believe in sitting back and waiting for change to happen. Across many of the regions where Knauf Insulation operates, new energy efficiency laws are coming into force and they are going to change the world construction industry as we know it. Be it manufacturers, builders or specifiers, architects or installers, ever tightening regulation is on the horizon. At the same time governments are trying to understand how to capture the potential energy savings from the existing building stock. As a company that believes at its core in the need to save energy, it’s critical to work hard to help our customers and partners to support and deliver this change in reality.

We are working hard with partner organisations and policy makers to ensure that the right policy framework is in place to drive change, particularly in the renovation market where we believe that change will not happen without a robust regulatory and financial framework.

And we are working hard to ensure that our customers have the products and materials they need to benefit from regulatory standards now and in the future. We firmly believe that the construction manufacturers that understand the changes coming in the political landscape will therefore be ready to provide for the changing needs of their customers.

We are active members of several European and international associations and campaigns to drive the cause of energy efficiency: