Steinwolleplatte - MCH Sound Supreme Board


Insulation core for superb sound insulation of industrial applications.

Knauf insulation MCH SOUND SUPREME BOARD (MCH SSB) is new acoustic board, in a unique and patented technological process developed for sound insulation of wide range of machinery. It is based on composition of rock mineral wool and other ecologically oriented materials which enable superb sound reduction (up to 43 dB – depending on the core layers and density) in combination with excellent fire resistance (EI 30 – EI 90) and thermal insulation. State of the art insulation core can be prepared as a single-, double- or multilayer board with full-core thickness of only 10 – 45 mm and is custom designed according to customers’ specifications and requirements.


  • Superb sound insulation properties (up to 43 dB – depending on the core layers and density)
  • Excellent fire resistance (classes EI 30 – EI 90)
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Advanced mechanical properties and surface hardness of insulation core
  • Dimensional stability
  • Precise thickness dimension tolerances
  • Mechanical stability throughout its lifetime 
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