Knauf Insulation the recipient of grant in scope of public tender

By MM Studio
August 31, 2021

Knauf Insulation the recipient of grant in scope of public tender by Ministry for Economic Development and Technology in Slovenia, “Incentives for Research and Development Projects 2”

The objective of the public tender is to promote research, development and innovation activities in companies and consortia in the field of innovative R&D projects aiming to develop new or improved products, processes or services in the priority areas of Slovenia’s Smart Specialization Strategy.

Competing project: Development of sustainable, energy-efficient and high-tech insulation materials for food preparation systems – VIIM (collaboration of Knauf Insulation, d.o.o., Škofja Loka, and FPM Černigoj d.o.o., Ajdovščina)

Primary objective of competing VIIM project:

Innovative product development – energy-efficient mineral fibres insulation for kitchen ovens that will help kitchen oven producers in the manufacturing of energy class A ovens under the new Commission Regulation (EU) No. 66/2014, and available to the market at a competitive price. Furthermore, the new material will constitute a high added value for us as the producer (i.e. energy efficiency, low material costs and eco-friendly production).

The newly developed material/innovation will improve and strengthen our position in the kitchen oven insulation material production sector.

Total grant awarded: €493,204.42

The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

More information on the European cohesion policy in Slovenia available at