Fatal flaw of regulation

Fatal flaw of regulation

When it comes to buildings & applications safety,

how fire reacts in the real world is all that matters.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy in London has once again put fire safety in the spotlight.

For years Knauf Insulation has supported organisations such as Fire Safe Europe as well as many national campaigns to fight for better building fire safety regulation.

But building fires continue to devastate lives across the world with the Grenfell disaster in the UK in June 2017, the latest in a terrible legacy of tragedy.

“All the terrible incidents around the world and the shocking tragedy of the London Grenfell disaster reinforces our conviction at Knauf Insulation that the right solution for the right application is vital to create a safe and sustainable built environment,” says Siân Hughes, Knauf Insulation’s Director of External Affairs.

We put real performance at the heart of everything we do because it is the reality by which all buildings will be judged in the future. That is why we invest heavily in research and development, both in testing facilities and ground-breaking ‘real world’ projects, to understand how our solutions will perform when it comes to thermal and acoustic performance.

Fatal flaw of regulation