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Better Buildings

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Our commitments and targets

At Knauf Insulation we have put targets in place to achieve eco-friendly and sustainable building goals, by 2025.

We've already started building for a brighter, better and more sustainable future, but there's still much more to do.



We will continue to innovate and create new eco-friendly solutions.

Target for 2025

By 2025, eco-design will be fully integrated into our Innovation Program. The eco-design tool will be based on a multi-criteria assessment, with results expressed in simple terms that are easily understood by non-experts.

Better buildings


We will continue to campaign for safer, more efficient and more sustainable buildings that are fit for the future - including our own.

Targets for 2025

We will step up our campaigning to put energy efficiency and building fire safety at the top of government agendas. Building on the success of our new company Knauf Energy Solutions we will also work to put real performance at the centre of any new standards.

We will ensure all new Knauf Insulation buildings or any renovation of our buildings will meet the sustainability guidelines of our demanding internal specifications.

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Living with a Green Heart is a Social Sustainability initiative whose main goal is to
inspire, promote, and co-create a working environment where employees at all levels and in all aspects of organizations can feel good and well respected, flourish and thrive, and simply be their very best.



Annual Review 2022

Our annual review celebrates the power of our people and our inspired culture of challenge.create.care. It is also a showcase for our sustainability strategy ‘For A Better World’ — a public declaration of our long-term commitments — as well as our sustainability achievements of the past decade.   

Annual Review 2022