Knauf insulation’s ‘For A Better World’ vision takes centre stage on new sustainability chapter

By Knauf Insulation
March 07, 2022

Continuous improvement defines Knauf Insulation’s sustainability journey. Ambitious milestones give that journey clear direction.

Knauf Insulation’s sustainability strategy #ForABetterWorld takes pride of place on our new sustainability chapter.

The new section showcases our continuous journey of improvement to lower the company’s environmental impact, leverage our expertise to create better buildings and inspire a working environment where everyone can thrive.

The chapter reveals how these ambitions define Knauf Insulation’s four key sustainable goals — Putting People First, Achieving Zero Carbon, Delivering A Circular Economy and Creating Better Buildings — and there are site sections for each featuring news and insight from across the company.

Knauf Insulation’s 4 sustainability goals: put people first, achieve zero carbon, deliver a circular economy, create better buildings.

Keeping ambition on track

In addition, the company has set short-term targets for 2025.

These targets are significant because they offer measurable milestones of success to ensure the company’s sustainable ambitions are kept on track and everyone is responsible for delivering success.

For example, 2025 targets include shrinking the embodied carbon of our products by 15% and sending zero production waste to landfill. We also aim to reduce our accident rate by 55% by 2023.

The sustainability chapter also examines how #ForABetterWorld builds on the company’s sustainability successes.


Sustainable progress since 2010

Despite a significant increase in manufacturing output over the years, Knauf Insulation has reduced energy consumption and emissions by 23%, cut landfill waste by 67% and reduced Lost Time Accidents by 63.6% since 2010.

Knauf Insulation’s Group Sustainability Director, Vincent Briard, says: “We will have to be very ambitious to meet our 2025 targets, but we have solid foundations in place to move forward.”


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