NEW: High-tech product for superb sound insulation of wooden door systems – Knauf Insulation DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD
By Anonymous on March 05, 2014

As maintaining a high quality of life requires increasingly strict standards, and as European requirements for sound insulation to protect people and/or the environment are becoming more and more strict, sound insulation and preventing sound pollution are becoming more and more important.

This fact and our awareness that rock mineral wool, due to its structure, provides a highly effective barrier to noise and significantly dampens sound, led Knauf Insulation to develop a new, state of the art patented product: a high-performance insulation core, made of various ecologically oriented materials (so called “composite board”), delivering our customers superb sound insulation for wooden door systems. We call it KNAUF INSULATION DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD.

Knauf Insulation DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD: Insulation core with outstanding sound performance characteristics


Knauf Insulation DRS SOUND SUPREME BOARD (DRS SSB) is a new insulation board, produced with a unique and patented technological process, specially developed for wooden doors’ insulation core. It is based on a composition of rock mineral wool and other ecologically oriented materials, which enable superb sound absorption (up to 43 dB – depending on the core layers and density) in combination with excellent fire resistance (EI 30 – EI 60) and thermal insulation. The state of the art insulation core can be prepared as a single-, double- or multi-layer board with a full-core thickness of only 8 – 50 mm and is custom designed according to customers’ specifications and requirements.


  • Insulation core for wooden door systemsin the leisure, hospitality, education, health, housing and media / broadcasting marketsand in all other places where high sound performance factors are required, providing maximum comfort, good working conditions and a pleasant environment.
  • Insulation core for entrance wooden door systems, where high sound performancefactors in combination with excellent thermal conductivity and high fire resistance are required, providing sound, thermal and fire insulation of different facilities for maximum comfort, good working conditions and a pleasant environment.




  • Superb sound insulation properties (up to 43 dB – depending on the core layers and density)
  • Excellent fire resistance (class EI30 – EI60; stable door construction recommended)
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Advanced mechanical properties and surface hardness of insulation core
  • Dimensional stability
  • Precise thickness dimension tolerances


  • Density: 500 – 900 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 8 – 50mm
  • Standard dimensions: max 1,250 × 2,135 mm
  • Product customized according to the needs of customers

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