NEW: insulation boards for industrial applications used in accurate sterilized or increased hygienic conditions - KNAUF INSULATION MCH BOARD GW1
By Anonymous on March 12, 2014

Knauf Insulation's strategy and partnership with its customers is based on continuous, innovative product development, in order to deliver premium solutions with proven expertise. Solutions for industrial applications used in increased hygienic conditions are amongst the most demanding fields of application of rock mineral wool boards.

In order to follow our strategy and strengthen our partnerships we have recently invested in the development and certification of a special product for industrial applications, which is in accordance with hygienic standard VDI 6022 and can therefore be used in industrial applications operating in those kinds of conditions. It is called KNAUF INSULATION MCH BOARD GW1.

Due to their thermal and acoustic properties KNAUF IN SULATION MCH BOARD GW1 can be built into a wide range of machinery. With its thermal characteristics it is used to increase the efficiency of devices and at the same time reduces noise, which is caused by the operating machine. It also complies with all existing requirements for indoor air quality and can be used for continuous operating temperatures up to 250oC.

The dimensions of each board are customized according to the dimensions of each application.


Due to the product characteristics and acquired VDI 6022 certificate Knauf Insulation MCH BOARD GW1 is especially convenient for:

  • industrial applications operating in accurate sterilized conditions like hospitals and clean rooms; 
  • industrial applications, requiring increased hygienic standards like operating theatres, clean rooms, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food sector and special industrial applications.


  • Microbial inertness of the material (according to VDL 6022 standard)
  • Incombustible A1
  • Provides excellent sound absorption
  • Provides excellent sound insulation
  • Optimal thermal conductivity
  • Assures mechanical stability throughout its lifetime
  • Hydrophobic properties help resist outside influences (condense)
  • Our production technology enables custom made dimensions

Standard dimensions

  • Length and width: 2,000 mm x 1,200 mm
  • Thickness: 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm

For more information or orders please contact:

Andraž Sabotič
Senior Segment Manager OEM Europe & CIS  
Tel: +386 4 5114 211
Mobile: +386 41 667 882