NEW solution for stainless steel chimneys – Knauf Insulation CHM S FLOCKS
By Anonymous on December 12, 2013

Knauf Insulation is a leading European manufacturer of chimney insulation and supplier to some of the world’s largest chimney producers. Our strategy and partnership with our customers is based on continuous, innovative product development, in order to deliver premium solutions with proven expertise.

Our latest innovative chimney insulation product are supreme granulated rock mineral wool fibres – CHM S FLOCKS – specially designed to provide excellent thermal and fire insulation of double-wall stainless steel chimney systems.

CHM S FLOCKS are bio-solublerock mineral wool flocks made of virgin, binder-free rock mineral wool.

Completely natural and highly sustainable, CHM S FLOCKS represent the perfect solution for thermal and fire insulation of double-wall stainless steel chimneys, due to their:

  • supreme fire protection
  • supreme thermal insulation properties
  • excellent stability at high temperatures
  • high material flow in chimney insulation processes

HOW IT WORKS – insulating double-wall stainless steel chimneys

HOW IT WORKS – insulating double-wall stainless steel chimneys
  1. CHM S FLOCKS are produced by grinding layers of rock mineral wool into smaller particles. Our production process is fully automated, ensuring consistent, premium product quality. In order to provide optimal service for our customers different flock sizes are available. Packaging in compressed bags on pallets proves a highly efficient storage and transport solution.
  2. In the blowing machine, flocks are fed to the hopper. The feeder transfers flocks to the shredder, while the stream generated by the blower conveys the insulation to the outlet at high speed (air flow and insulation flow can be adjusted).
  3. In the closed cabinet, ensuring dust retention, flocks are blown into the cavity – the hollow space between the inner and outer wall of the stainless steel chimney pipe, to form an efficient insulation layer. Installation is fast and simple and above all, independent of chimney pipe diameter. Chimney producers require only a single insulation product – CHM SFLOCKS – for all chimney pipe diameters.


  • TIME EFFICIENCY – fast and simple installation : Filling of the chimney tubes with CHM S FLOCKS is fast and simple, regardless of chimney diameter.
  • PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY – one product for all diameters: When using standard pipe section insulation, every product needs to be adjusted to each chimney diameter, while insulating special chimney accessories is very time consuming. When using Knauf Insulation CHM S FLOCKS, however, one product is sufficient for insulating chimneys of any diameter, greatly simplifying stocking requirements and the production and installation processes. Our advanced production process enables fast response-time to all your supply requirements
  • TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE EFFICIENCY: CHM S FLOCKS are packed in compressed bags on pallets, providing an efficient storage and transport solution. CHM S FLOCKS require 50% less storage spacecompared to pipe sections.
  • QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Knauf Insulation CHM S FLOCKS meet all standard requirements for the insulation of stainless steel chimney systems and comply with both RAL and EUCEB standards. Superior characteristics like excellent fire protection and stability at high temperatures, melting points above 1,000˚C, high thermal insulation properties and high sustainability define it as a premium quality solution.

Knauf Insulation CHM S FLOCKS provide efficiency where it really matters, quality without compromise, and serve to innovate your production – welcome to the future of chimney insulation.

For more information see our product folder here or contact:

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