Sound solutions to improve acoustic health

We are dedicated to improving the acoustic health of buildings and applications through pioneering solutions and exciting new research.

Fire Safety

Improved buildings and applications, improved fire safety

When it comes to building safety, how fire reacts in the real world is all that matters. We are constantly improving the fire safety of the buildings & applications through new solutions and research.

Fire Safety
Energy Efficiency

Making industry efficient and productive

The industrial landscape is changing fast and energy efficiency is getting to the top of the agenda. Our solution: simply insulate – buildings and applications.


Sustainable construction will be the new normal.

Sustainability at Knauf Insulation is as much about helping our customers to meet today’s challenges as it is about our own performance.

Carbon reduction

Measurable carbon reduction just 95 days from installation

Knauf Insulation’s mineral wool insulation reduces operational carbon from buildings by 3.6 million tonnes every year – the equivalent of removing 2.5 million cars from our roads in Europe. And that benefit starts just 95 days from installation.