Implementation of noise reduction measures to electric fans

Measurements before and after noise remediation measures showed a lower noise level in the vicinity after remediation and proved the efficiency of the installed noise barrier.

We tested the new insulation core at home

CASE STUDY: Implementation of noise reduction measures to electric fans

Increasingly higher traffic volumes and greater industrial activity in recent years have led to significantly higher environmental noise levels in urban areas. According to some estimates, some 40% of the population in the EU suffers from noise levels that are considered unacceptable (55 dB) and may even lead to serious health problems. This, of course, affects our quality of life, and brings with it stress, sleep disorders and other adverse health effects including cardiovascular problems. 

The fundamental mission of the OEM team – innovation, customer orientation and partnership-based cooperation – and an awareness that rock mineral wool cannot solve all noise-related issues has prompted us to develop a new, patented insulation core based on a composition of rock mineral wool and precisely specified recyclable materials. The result is a high-performance insulation board with superb sound reduction and excellent fire resistance – the SOUND SUPREME BOARD.

To begin with, we tested the insulation core at home.

Aware that almost every industrial plant is a source of a specific level of noise and that our plant in Škofja Loka is no exception, OEM team applied the strengths of the newly-developed insulation core in an innovative sound absorption system and used it to remediate the main noise source at the plant – the openings on the cooling fans on Line 3.

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