Rock Mineral Wool - CHM S SPECIAL


Converted insulation products for stainless steel chimney systems

KNAUF INSULATION CHM CSP & CHM SSP is specially converted rock mineral wool product that is designed and produced exactly according to customer specifications. Knauf Insulation converting process enables the production of nonstandard insulation parts, which fit perfectly to the complete chimney system.

Product can be faced with white glass veil, black glass veil or white reinforced glass veil.


  • Preservation at high temperatures
  • Material melting point above 1,000°C
  • Excellent form stability
  • Dimension tolerance according to customer specifications
  • Thermal insulation properties


Owing to their particular properties (primarily excellent fire protection), these products are used for thermal, sound and fire protection of ceramic and stainless steel stainless-steel chimney systems and fireplaces.