Glass Mineral Wool - DAP NFS P



Needled felts for self-cleaning, pyrolytic ovens

Knauf insulation DAP NEEDLED FELT P (DAP NFSP) products are made of long mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a compact, dimensionally-stable felt with high temperature stability and exceptional thermal insulation properties. Due to its highest insulation performance standards, it can be used for insulating self- cleaning pyrolytic ovens, where operating temperatures may reach as high as 700 ˚C and at the same time meet or even exceed energy efficiency Class A. Product dimensions, sections and facing options can all be adapted to customer requirements.

Owing to the unique fibre bonding process, the felts do not contain organic binders or process aids and therefore comply with LGA test for contaminants, valid for mineral fibres in cookers and ovens. With this special production process we are able to guarantee that no emissions of odorous and/or harmful substances are emitted during the use of ovens and cookers even at the highest temperatures.

Needled felts are tested for the presence of the restricted substances and comply to the RoHS directive and REACH regulation.


  • High temperature stability and resistance 
  • Thermal insulation properties ensure optimal energy efficiency and energy consumption 
  • Non-corrosive insulation material (AS Quality) 
  • Fire protection (European Class A1) - material melting point above 1000 °C 
  • Fire Hazard Classification FHC 0/0 
  • No organic binders 
  • Emission-free 
  • Custom forms and sections
  • Can be laminated with aluminium foil or glass veil


Insulation of self-cleaning, pyrolytic ovens where operating temperatures may reach 750 °C, that meet or exceed energy Class A++/A+/A standards.


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