Rock Mineral Wool - DRS BOARD


Insulation boards for multipurpose, acoustic and thermal insulation doors

DRS BOARD (DRS B) is a rock mineral wool board with horizontally oriented fibres, specifically designed and used as an insulation core in multipurpose doors with thermal, acoustic and fire protection. Due to its good sound absorption and sufficient fire protection properties, it can also be used also for EI30 fire-screen doors.

The board may be further processed (ensuring minimum dimensional deviations, surface grinding, dust removal, cutting of specific shapes) upon request.


  • Good fire resistance
  • Material melting point above 1.000 °C
  • Non-combustibility
  • Dimensional stability
  • Precise thickness dimension tolerances
  • Various combinations of insulation characteristics (sound, fire, thermal, climate insulation) possible


Due to its excellent performance, the board can be used as an insulation core for multipurpose fire doors, acoustic doors, thermal insulation doors and fire doors.