Rock Mineral Wool - MCH BOARD (GVB / GVN)



Boards for multipurpose insulation in industrial applications

Knauf Insulation MCH BOARD (MCH B) is a board made of rock mineral wool. Due to its thermal and acoustic properties it is built into a wide range of machinery. With its excellent thermal characteristics Knauf Insulation MCH B is used to boost the device efficiency and at the same time reduce noise associated with machine operation. It can be used at continuous operating temperatures of up to 250°C. In addition, board can be faced with black glass fleece (MCH B GVB) on one or both sides. The black colour of glass fleece makes it visually neutral in perforated metal sheeting. Neutral glass fleece facing (MCH B GVN) on one or both sides is also available on request. The dimensions of each board can be customized according to the requirements of specific applications.


  • Non-combustibility (Euroclass A1)
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Optimal thermal conductivity
  • Mechanical stability throughout its lifetime
  • Hydrophobic properties help resist external influences (condensation)
  • Our production technology enables custommade sizes and dimensions.


Boards for multipurpose insulation in industrial applications


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