Rock Mineral Wool - PBE BOARD X-TEND



Insulation boards with improved mechanical performance

Knauf insulation PBE BOARD X-TEND (PBE B X-TEND) is a rock mineral wool core which, due to its excellent mechanical properties on lamella, enables longer spans and higher load resistance sandwich panels.

Excellent mechanical properties of the insulation core offer:

  • higher resistance to loads
  • longer sandwich panel spans
  • more competitive in construction stage (savings on steel construction and fixing material costs) 
  • lower anchoring and foundation costs
  • reduced build-up time
  • quicker project completion

The dimensions of each board can be customized according to specific customer requirements. 


  • Superior mechanical properties (compression, shear, tensile) when used as lamellas
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties
  • Non-combustibility (Euroclass A1)
  • Fire-resistance, with melting point above 1000 °C
  •  One product for several final thicknesses
  • Dimensional stability


Insulation boards with improved mechanical performance


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