Freshfields, London

United Kingdom
Freshfields, London

The London headquarters for legal firm Freshfields incorporates a Kvadrat Acoustic solution with our MCH Board G to enhance acoustic quality and promote a lively, healthy, productive environment. The interior concept of the award-winning, sustainably-design offices aims to deliver wellbeing, confidentiality and subtly luxurious materials. Kvadrat Acoustic solution with our MCH Board G are used in the reception, client meeting rooms, circulation areas, collaboration areas and the auditorium.

“Acoustics are very important due to the confidential nature of lawyers’ work, as well as creating healthy environments with no echoes and so on. We also had to work with the specific geometry that’s part of the ceiling design. And we were targeting SKA 'Gold’, which we knew Kvadrat Acoustic could help us to achieve. The team have been great to work with.” says Sarah Laurisch, Associate at ID: SR Sheppard Robson.

Client Kvadrat Soft Cells
Architect/Design ID: SR Sheppard Robson
Opening 2020
Photos Jack Hobhouse