HOME cultural centre, Manchester

Great Britain
HOME cultural centre, Manchester

HOME is a multi-disciplinary art centre designed by Architect’s Mecanoo. It is the largest art centre outside the UK’s capital city of London, and also Manchester’s new centre for international contemporary art, theatre and film.

Designed by architect Ernst ter Horst, the building’s exterior is stunning from all angles – its triangular shape captures the eye and provides a strong focal point for the area. The façade specification was quite challenging from a design perspective, requiring clever and innovative thinking by world-renowned Slovenian façade manufacturer Trimo.

To create this complicated façade measuring 7,600 m2, Trimo  turned to its own highly cost-effective prefabricated metal modular wall system, called Qbiss One.

It is a much higher quality construction solution compared to conventional built-up wall systems (structural wall and ventilated façade). Self-supporting, insulated and fireproof, the Qbiss One metal wall system combines pure, minimalistic elements and architectural features to present a complete technical solution for off-site construction. To ensure excellent thermal, fire, acoustic and mechanical properties of the Qbiss One system, Trimo used Knauf Insulation mineral wool PBE Boards, produced in the Škofja Loka plant, which are especially suitable for sandwich panel production.


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Products used
Manufacturer of sandwich panels Trimo Group (Slovenia)