Lautrup Steel Bridge

Lautrup Steel Bridge

Built in 2009, the bridge spans the Lautrup Creek and several other smaller streets and a bike trail in the village of Lautrup in the eastern part of Flensburg, Germany. The bridge with its 500 meters is a one-of-a-kind building and first impresses with its elegant shape of the continuous curvature and with a special design where bridge and noise protection barriers merge into one unit. To fulfill the strict demands, primary excellent sound absorption and noise insulation, requested air flow streaming resistance and mechanical stability through the product’s lifetime, Knauf Insulation RSB Board GVB was selected as the insulation core to fit into aluminium noise protection barriers.


LSW Lautrupstalbrücke Flenburg DE_600.jpg

Products used
Manufacturer of noise barriers Bongard & Lind GmbH (Germany)