West Bund Museum, Shanghai

West Bund Museum, Shanghai

The building, a multifunctional art gallery, which embodies the idea that modern museums are more than just a destination for viewing art, is located on the Shanghai Corniche, on the bank of the Huangpu River. 

Soft Cells panels with our MCH boards G are used in the Auditorium, Studio in Creativity Gallery and The Box. They are primarily specified for their strong acoustic performance, their ability to minimize panel joints and their fixture-integration flexibility. 

West Bund Museum officially opened to the public on November 8, 2019, with its five-year-long Centre Pompidou × West Bund Museum project launched at the same time. Through this cooperation project, a series of exhibitions, seminars and other exchange activities will be organized and hosted, including 3 permanent exhibitions and over 10 feature exhibitions at West Bund Museum in Shanghai, and at least 3 exhibitions focused on modern and contemporary Chinese art among other cultural events at the Centre Pompidou based in Paris, France. The two institutions will also jointly hold performances, conferences, public educational activities, and more.


Products used
Client Kvadrat Soft Cells
Architect/Design David Chipperfield Architects Shanghai
Opening 2019
Photos Aven Jiang