Stainless steel Chimney Systems

Thermal insulation installed around chimneys prevents condensation of water vapour inside the chimney tube and provides optimum draft of fumes. This ensures the efficient functioning of stainless-steel chimney systems and use of energy.

Stainless steel Chimney Systems

Knauf Insulation is a leading European chimney insulation producer offering a complete range of products for all types of insulated stainless-steel chimney systems. Our strategy and partnership with our customers is based on continuous, innovative product development, in order to deliver premium solutions with proven expertise.

Stainless-steel chimney systems are mostly used where the fuel source is gas or electricity.

Due to the required fire protection and thermal insulation, rock mineral wool is the prefered insulation material. Rock mineral wool products can be supplied in different forms (concentric & moulded pipe sections, lamella mats, flocks ), depending on the chimney type and its dimensions. Insulation can be faced on one side with reinforced aluminium foil which ensures protection of the outer surface and at the same time acts as a vapour barrier.


If we don’t have a suitable ready product, our team will do its best to create a new one – just for you!

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