Refrigerators & Freezers

As Knauf Insulation set sustainable development – which includes environmental protection and a commitment to provide the most energy-efficient products and solutions – as one of its main priorities, it is no coincidence that part of the company’s revenues were invested into the manufacture of super-insulators – vacuum insulated panels (VIP's).

Refrigerators & Freezers

Due to extremely low thermal conductivity and minimal thickness, Knauf Insulation vacuum insulated panels are especially well suited to applications where optimal temperature conditions and efficient use of energy and space are required:

  • Insulation of refrigerators and freezers, providing lower energy consumption, higher energy efficiency, and greater usable internal volume
  • Refrigerated trucks / transportation systems
  • Temperature-controlled packaging (for medical and pharmaceutical industry)
  • Vending machines / cold storage units

Refrigerators and freezers employing vacuum insulated panels are classified as Energy Class A+++.


If we don’t have a suitable ready product, our team will do its best to create a new one – just for you!

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