Acoustic Doors

As maintaining a high quality of life requires increasingly strict standards and as European requirements for sound insulation to protect people and/ or the environment (standard SIST EN ISO 717-1) are becoming more and more strict, sound insulation and preventing sound pollution are becoming more and more important. And we, in Knauf Insulation care!

Acoustic Doors

This fact and our awareness that rock mineral wool, due to its structure, provides a highly effective barrier to noise and significantly dampens sound, led Knauf Insulation to further develop different types of insulation cores for wooden door systems, where high sound performance factors in combination with excellent thermal conductivity are required.

Our insulation cores are therefore a perfect solution for:

  • External fire, safety & acoustic doors
  • Internal fire, safety & acoustic doors
  • Internal fire & smoke doors


If we don’t have a suitable ready product, our team will do its best to create a new one – just for you!

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