3D printers

Additive manufacturing (AM), broadly known as 3D printing, is transforming how products are designed, produced and serviced. Like most other machines, 3D printers also need insulation to reduce their impact on both operators and the environment (sound and heat protection).

3d printers

Knauf Insulation mineral wool brings a wealth of benefits to 3D printers – the incorporation of our
insulation protects the printer’s electronics, the people working with and around it, and is easy to operate.


Our insulation solution provides outstanding thermal insulation and therefore protects the very sensitive electronic components inside 3D printers, and prevents overheating, making it suitable for use at continuous operating temperatures of at least up to 250°C.

Fire performance – Classified as non-combustible Euroclass A1.


Reduces the noise generated during 3D printer operation.

Our insulation is produced with patented Knauf Insulation ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable binder system based on natural products, with no added artificial dyes or acrylic and has a more pleasant smell compared to traditional mineral wool.

Our mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology was awarded Eurofins Scientific’s first Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard certificate as part of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard testing and certification programme.


Insulation boards cut into made-to-measure pieces in our own converting unit, customised to be a perfect fit for your 3D printer.

We offer customised packaging, suitable for various types of transport.

Insulation using ECOSE® Technology represents the core material, which is cut into made-to-measure pieces in our own converting unit to ensure it's a perfect fit for your 3D printer.


ECOSE® Technology is the result of five years of intensive research and extensive testing. Driven by our constant efforts to supply innovative products to our customers, which satisfy market demands and the requirement for sustainable materials. In contrast to conventional phenol-formaldehyde resin binding agents, ECOSE® Technology is primarily based on natural organic raw materials.

If we do not have a suitable product ready to go, our team will do its best to create a new one – just for you!

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