Machine manufacturing

The machine manufacturing industry supplies the means of production for all segments of the global economy. It’s a very wide and diverse sector which includes metalworking, electrical appliances and mechanical engineering; which in turn includes machine tools, heating and air conditioning devices, paper and printing machinery, construction machinery, textile and other manufacturing machinery.

Machine production

A wide range of industrial appliances contain mineral wool insulation produced by Knauf Insulation, which is used to increase their performance (thermal insulation / fire protection) and to reduce their impact on both operators and the environment (sound and heat protection).

We provide customized insulation solutions for:

  • Insulation of industrial applications requiring thermal and sound insulation / absorption (such as air-conditioning silencers, machine housings, boilers, heat pumps etc.)
  • Insulation of industrial applications requiring high temperature and fire resistance (such as drying systems, industrial ovens etc.) 

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