Road sound barriers

Noise is unwanted sound. Highway traffic noise tends to be a dominant noise source in our urban and rural environment. There are three sources of traffic noise, depending on the origin: vehicle engines, tyres and aerodynamics.

Road sound barriers

A sound barrier is an exterior structure designed to protect sensitive land users from noise pollution. Sound barriers are the most effective method of reducing traffic and industrial noise sources.

Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool insulation forms an integral part of the road sound barrier. With its outstanding properties, especially with superb acoustic performance, it absorbs noise and provides noise insulation to protect people and the environment.

It is particularly suitable as core element for sound barrier systems on roads, highways (incl. high-speed rails) and other important applications. 

We provide customized solutions for:

  • Road sound barriers made of metal
  • Road sound barriers made of wood
  • Other systems for sound barriers, which need sound absorption core element


NEW: Natural and enviroment-friendly solutions for sound barrier systems

Due to increased environmental awareness many producers of sound barrier systems aim to be more environmentally friendly and use sound barriers as a growing medium for different types of plants in order to mitigate noise within a confined space and to make the barriers more aesthetically pleasing.

Due to its characteristics Knauf Insulation RSB Green products are an excellent solution for green / ecological noise protection barriers. Products combine the superb sound absorption and insulation properties of rock mineral wool fibers with the possibility of using them as a growing medium for different types of plants at the same time.

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