Vacuum insulated panels

Vacuum insulated panels

A high-performance solution for applications where optimal temperature conditions and efficient use of energy and space are required.

Our solution: UltraSpace

Vacuum insulated panels are comprised of a glass fibre core hermetically enclosed in a special thin multilayer foil. During the manufacturing process all of the air is pumped out of the panel. According to this manufacturing procedure gases and moisture are not able to penetrate and enter the panel. At the same time this design enables the panel to attain a minimal thermal conductivity value below 0,003 W/mK.

Vacuum insulated panels are primarily intended for applications where energy savings are paramount, while at the same time ensuring both optimum temperature conditions and increased internal storage volumes of various applications; they are intended for use in applications that consume particularly high amounts of energy – as insulation for refrigerators and freezers.

Refrigerators and freezers employing vacuum insulated panels are classified as Energy Class A+++, which means they consume 60 percent less energy than the same refrigerator model classified as Class A. Through its entire service life, a typical combined energy-efficient refrigerator (230 litres of cooling space and 86 litres of freezer space), classified as Energy Class A+++, can save the user up to 800 EUR compared to a similar Energy Class A model, depending on the price of electricity in a given market.

As Knauf Insulation set sustainable development – which includes environmental protection and a commitment to provide the most energy-efficient products and solutions – as one of its main priorities, it is no coincidence that part of the company’s revenues are re-invested into the construction of a new line for themanufacture of superinsulators – vacuum insulated panels (VIP's).

Knauf Insulation vacuum insulated panels are  sold under the brand name Knauf Insulation UltraSpaceTM.